ShopperTrak commentary for w/c 25th September

ShopperTrak Retail Index – UK National Weekly:
Change for week 39 (25th September 2017 – 1st October 2017): 3.0%
Change for week 39 Year-on-Year: -2.6%

ShopperTrak Retail Index – Retail Park Weekly:
Change for week 39 (25th September 2017 – 1st October 2017): -0.7%
Change for week 39 Year-on-Year: -1.9%

The ShopperTrak National Retail Index is reporting an increase Week-on-Week of 3.0% and a -2.6% Year-on-Year. The weekend showed a decrease of -1.7 % Year-on-Year. The Year-to-Date trend reports -2.6% compared to the previous week. Furthermore, the figure recorded is worse than last year, -2.2%.

All regions realised a Year-on-Year decrease with the Eastern region realising the highest decrease, -6.7%, followed by the East Midlands, -5.0%. The South West 7 wales region realised the lowest decrease on the year, -1.6%, followed by the West Midlands, -1.9%.

Most regions realised a week-on-week increase with the East Midlands realising the highest increase, 9.0%, followed by the west Midlands, 6.9%. The Yorkshire-Humber region realised the lowest increase on the week, 0.6%, followed by the South East region, 1.7%. The only two regions to realise a week-on-week decrease ws the South West and Wales region, -0.0% and the Eastern region, -0.1%.

Within Retail Parks, the ShopperTrak Index reported a decrease of -1.9% in Year-on-Year footfall and a decrease of -0.7% on the week. The weekend showed a -0.5% Year-on-Year change.


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