• The advantage of customer insight: discover more with ShopperTrak at EuroShop 2017

    Following the acquisition of ShopperTrak by Tyco Retail Solutions, an unprecedented understanding of in-store shoppers is now available through the combined forces of ShopperTrak and TRS.

    To find out what’s in store, visit our stand at EuroShop 2017, which takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany on 5-9 March.

    Come find us in the Retail Technology section, where we’ll be showcasing our leading-edge people counting solution and analytics platform. Here, you can meet with our experts in person, and engage with a wealth of insightful first-hand demonstrations:

    Traffic Insight Solutions demos:

    • Our Global Index demo uses ShopperTrak’s global traffic data to generate a powerful new index that benchmarks individual store performance against the competition – both across countries and territories and down to ….
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  • 2017 Technology Preview: Exclusive Predictions from 15 Retail Executives

    nick pompa

    Nick Pompa, General Manager, ShopperTrak

    “Tailor in-store operations to improve customer experiences”

    Successful retailers are constantly adapting their in-store practices to address changing consumer behaviour. Looking ahead to 2017, brick-and-mortar retailers — from large-scale department stores to smaller boutiques — will need to use shopper behaviour technologies, including traffic counting, to better understand their consumers and appropriately shape their operations.

    Due to the increased level of competition today’s retailers face — across online and in-store — retail traffic and consumer behaviour technologies offer valuable insights that ….

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  • Traffic Trends Recap: 2016 Festive Footfall Figures

    Christmas 2016 was a bumper year for many European retailers. Shoppers spent £77 billion in the UK, while the average spend per head reached €682 in Spain, €291 in Germany, €247 in France, and 1643 zł in Poland.

    But how was this spending spread across the holiday period? We analysed ShopperTrak data from six European regions – France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the UK – to uncover 2016’s key festive footfall trends.

    The rush before Christmas?

    Most shoppers try to avoid stores on Christmas Eve, for fear of being caught up in a last minute panic. However, it seems that fewer people decided to venture out for last minute purchases on 24th December than previous years in several regions.

    France, Italy and Spain experienced declining footfall on Christmas Eve 2016, despite it falling on a Saturday, with consumers already well organised with their festive purchases. In Germany, Poland and ….

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  • Elevating Retailers’ Bottom Line with Analytics

    E-commerce retailers have an advantage when it comes to customer insights. They know when customers are shopping and for what products. They know when an item is left in an online shopping cart and when an order is finally placed. Compared to traditional brick and mortar retailers, who have to deal with the unique challenges of foot traffic, on-site inventory and in-person customer service needs, e-commerce retailers will have the data available to provide personalised customer content and actionable insights to improve the shopper experience. However, with the convergence of the physical and digital shopping environment, it’s about time that analytics had a larger role in store operations.

    Where to Start – What’s the Business Value?

    Just like anything else in retail, navigating analytics requirements needs to be driven by adding business value. All technology decisions should be funnelled through a lens of strategic capabilities, ….

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  • 3 clever ways to enhance the in-store experience – let’s get Phygital in 2017

    Phygital – or creating an ecosystem between physical and digital worlds – is not just what millennials want, it’s what they expect. Retailers can now predict how customers will behave, offer them everything they want, know where they are and take them to a place where they can’t imagine life without their products.

    Disrupting traditional sales models, Phygital communications can help retailers get even closer to their customers. Not only can campaigns be personalised to what customers are doing right now – as well as taking into account their shopping history – but they also enable retailers to target shoppers according to the behaviour of their demographic group.

    Phygital is particularly useful if you want to take a shopper through to the final stages of their journey – closing a sale and making sure they like the experience so much, they come back again and buy more.

    Sound too good to be true? ….

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  • How can retail businesses in the Middle East prepare for the holiday season?

    While many may associate Christmas with the western world, the festival offers lucrative opportunities to retailers and shopping centres in the Middle East.

    The Middle East is home to some 12 million Christians, predominantly ex-pats that have headed to the area in recent years. For the 250,000 British, 50,000 American, 40,000 Canadian and 10,000 French people living in this part of the world today, Christmas is still undoubtedly their biggest celebration of the year. And that’s before considering the influx of tourists that will travel to the Middle East in search of a warmer climate to celebrate the holiday season…

    The gift of giving: increased consumer traffic

    In the West, at Christmas, people buy more. This isn’t news. But it’s now holding true in the Middle East too. In places like Dubai, many people flock to end of season sales and close to Christmas, seasonal product-line launches attract customers in ….

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