People Counting

The multi-dimensional data insights transforming the traffic counter business

People counting alone is no longer enough

There was a time where the retail industry could improve business performance based purely on people counters; knowing who was coming into the store or shopping centre, and when.

However, the complexity of the modern multi-channel consumer has changed the game – and organisations must now understand their behaviour in minute detail, in order to profit.

Is there still a role for people counting technology?

Footfall counter technology isn’t obsolete, but today it should form the basis of deeper, more detailed engagement. Retailers and shopping centres must supplement people counting with solutions that provide accurate knowledge of where consumers move during their journey, how long they linger at each point, and how many visits convert into a sale.

By doing this, the retail industry can begin to create a comprehensive picture of their customer base, rather than just the ‘moment in time’ that a footfall traffic counter offers. The richer information not only starts to build up detailed customer profiles; it can highlight immediate areas for improvement.