• Key trends in the Middle East retail market: an interview with market specialist, Nicolas Rubeiz

    The Middle East is a fast-growing international opportunity for retailers, with the market set to be worth Dh200 billion by the end of 2017, according to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

    However, tapping into this lucrative part of the world involves an in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour, in-store and beyond. To help retail businesses develop their strategy for the Middle East consumer, ShopperTrak caught up with Nicolas Rubeiz, Senior Consultant at The Unit, to discuss regional trends and market entry strategies.

    Why do you think an increasing number of international retailers are targeting the Middle East?

    The profile of the Middle East as an attractive new market opportunity has risen considerably in recent years through a combination of factors. The most important is probably the demographic structure – right now there’s a very high birth rate and a young ….

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  • How can retail businesses in the Middle East prepare for the holiday season?

    While many may associate Christmas with the western world, the festival offers lucrative opportunities to retailers and shopping centres in the Middle East.

    The Middle East is home to some 12 million Christians, predominantly ex-pats that have headed to the area in recent years. For the 250,000 British, 50,000 American, 40,000 Canadian and 10,000 French people living in this part of the world today, Christmas is still undoubtedly their biggest celebration of the year. And that’s before considering the influx of tourists that will travel to the Middle East in search of a warmer climate to celebrate the holiday season…

    The gift of giving: increased consumer traffic

    In the West, at Christmas, people buy more. This isn’t news. But it’s now holding true in the Middle East too. In places like Dubai, many people flock to end of season sales and close to Christmas, seasonal product-line launches attract customers in ….

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